A mass of 6kg is suspended by a rope

rope with frequency f = 40 Hz and amplitude A = 0.25 m. The rope is held at constant tension by hanging a mass on the other end. The rope has mass denstiy = 0.02 kg/m, and tension T = 20.48 N. Assume that at t = O the end of the rope at x = O has zero y-displacement and is moving downward. Two blocks connected by a rope of negligible mass are being dragged by a horizontal force (see gure below). A roller-coaster car has a mass of 499 kg when fully loaded with passengers. The path of the coaster from its initial point shown in the gure to point B involves only up-and-down motion (as seen by.Jun 21, 2008 · attached at one end and an unknown mass m1 attached at the other. The beam has a length of L = 3 m, it is in static equilibrium, and it is horizontal, as shown in the figure above. The tension in the rope is T = 637 N. (a) Determine the unknown mass m1, at the left end of the beam. (b) Determine the distance, x, from the left end of the beam to the point where the rope is attached. Note: take ...

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A mass of 6 kg is suspended by a rope of length 2m from a celling. A force of 50N is applied in horizontal direction at the mid point of the rope. What is...

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G2-24. Coupled Pendula - 100 To 1 Mass Ratio ... Suspended Slinky - Portable. G3-43. Whip. G3-51. Rope Wave Generator - Frequency Vs Wavelength. G3-52. Rope Wave ... A mass of 10 kg is suspended vertically by a rope from the roof. When a horizontal force is applied on the rope at some point, the rope deviated at an angle ... 5. A mass suspended by a string is held 24o from vertical by a force of 13.8 N as shown. Find the mass. 6. A 675 N object is pulled horizontally by a force of 410 N as shown. What is the angle, θ, between the rope and the vertical? 7. Given the following diagram, find W and T2. 8.

A uniform rope of length 12 m and mass 6 kg hangs vertically from a rigid support. A block of mass 2 kg is attached to the free end of the rope. A transverse pulse of wave length 0.06 m is produced at the lower end .of the rope. What is the wavelength of the pulse when it reaches the top of the rope? A monkey of mass 20 kg is holding a vertical rope. The rope will not break when a mass of 25 kg is suspended from it but will break if the mass exceeds 25 kg. What is the maximum acceleration with which the monkey can climb up along the rope ?(g = 10 m/s2)

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