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ToString(DateTime, DateFormatHandling, DateTimeZoneHandling) Converts the DateTime to its JSON string representation using the DateFormatHandling specified. ToString(String, Char, StringEscapeHandling)

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The global method Number () can be used to convert dates to numbers. d = new Date (); Number (d) // returns 1404568027739 The date method getTime () does the same.

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First, we have to convert the date string provided by user into a Date object before thinking about comparisons. Let’s compare two dates generated with different methods, as shown below. Introduction. The International Standard for the representation of dates and times is ISO 8601. Its full reference number is ISO 8601 : 1988 (E), and its title is "Data elements and interchange formats - Information interchange - Representation of dates and times".

It depends on what the integers represent. If, for example, the date integer is in the format YYYYMMDD, a conversion can get you where you want to go. select CONVERT(datetime, convert(varchar(10),... Apr 22, 2016 · When the above example fails to parse the string as a valid integer, you can see that we just set it to -1. This doesn't work too well if -1 one is a meaningful value in your program. Instead, we could parse the string and return a nullable int where the null value indicates that the input string was not a valid integer.

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