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For an algebraic expression calculator to work, it is typically required to type the above type of math expression in, by using common symbols. For example, the above expression would be expressed as "1/(3-2) + 3 + 4sin(pi/4) + sqrt(2) + 5^(3/2)". The most important thing to keep in mind is that the parenthesis are important when typing an ...Algebraic expressions. Problem 7. In algebra we often have to translate ordinary language into algebraic language. Write an algebraic expression that will symbolize each of the following. a) Six times a certain number. 6n, or 6x, or 6m. Any letter will do. b) Six more than a certain number. x + 6 . c) Six less than a certain number. x − 6 Algebraic Expressions and Variables. Read and Discuss. In algebraic expressions, letters stand for numbers. You can use any letter to represent an unknown value. A letter used in place of a number in an expression is called a variable. Words can be used to describe algebraic expressions.

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Free Algebraic Properties Calculator - Simplify radicals, exponents, logarithms, absolute values and complex numbers step-by-step This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. By using this website, you agree to our Cookie Policy.

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Translate each algebraic expression into an equivalent English phrase. There may be more . than one correct translation. 1. 4. x. 2. -9. x. 3. x + 5. 4. 4. x - 7. 5. 71 x + .1. 6. 32 25.. x + 7. --28 x. 8. 10 4 x + 9. 6 x-1. number and five times the same number10. 9 x + 3. 11. 52 x + 3. 12. 34 x - 5. Write each pair of expressions in words ... Some crazy numbers here. So that's one expression that someone were to write, and let's say another one is this one, and I'm intentionally-- What, I put the commas in the wrong place. Let me make sure I get this right. Alright, that's 183,576. This is 37,399. So that's one expression, and then another expression is this.

3. Translate the problem into the language of mathematics. 4. Solve the equation(s) found in step 3. 5. Check the reasonableness of your answer. 6. Write your answer in a complete sentence. Example 2. Translate each phrase to an algebraic expression and solve. Let x represents the Translate Words to Algebraic Expressions. In the previous section, we listed many operation symbols that are used in algebra, and then we translated expressions and equations into word phrases and sentences. Now we'll reverse the process and translate word phrases into algebraic expressions.

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