Which of the following types of drums should contain corrosives like hydrochloric acid

the only reason im not using hydrochloric acid is because it needs to be used with extreme caution and it is highly corrosive and has a very strong smell, so it wont be good using it indoors so i think something like vinegar would be mch safer. Thanks for the help! Hydrochloric acid is the acid we will be using in our investigations in this chapter. These acids are very corrosive, even when they have been diluted with water and should always be handled with great care. Look out for this label on bottles which contain corrosive substances, such as strong acids. Acid - Base Indicators and Titrations Acid - Base indicators (also known as pH indicators) are substances which change colour with pH. They are usually weak acids or bases, which when dissolved in water dissociate slightly and form ions. Consider an indicator which is a weak acid, with the formula HIn.

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Potassium oxide

Oct 16, 2019 · Aqua regia is a very strong acid formed by the combination of concentrated nitric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid, both of which are strong acids. It is generally used to remove metals like gold and platinum from substances, especially in microelectronics and micro-fabrications labs.

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Hydrochloric acid, especially when it's strong or concentrated, should be handled in a fume cupboard or outdoors (the latter while wearing an approved respirator for HCl vapors). Be careful storing concentrated or strong HCl; vapor always seems to find its way through the container walls or seals and into the surrounding air.

May 19, 2020 · The acid is highly corrosive and, like some of the other acids listed above, can easily cause chemical burns if it comes in contact with skin. It is labeled a controlled substance by the United Nations, but it is frequently used in the production processes of unregulated illegal narcotics nontheless. For example, corrosives, like strong acids and caustics, will corrode most metal cabinets. Non-metallic or epoxy-painted cabinets are available and will provide a better service life with these types of chemicals. Sulphuric acid. Corrosion protection of mild steel vessels occurs by the formation of an iron sulphate coating. Any condition leading to excessive turbulence can result in the removal of the coating and corrosion. Accelerated corrosion can also occur at air/acid interfaces due to interfacial dilution.

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